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Ian Dawson

Since my parents gave me my first camera at age 15, I have been obsessed with photography and "chasing light". From hiking to the most desolate locations to witness the birth of a new day to accompanying the sun as it bids farewell to its shadows, landscape photography has become a passion.  I have traveled to the tops of glaciers to discover light captured in ancient ice and descended to the depths of canyons that echo forgotten light.  I have been lucky to be mentored by some of the best landscape photographers such as David Muench, George Lepp, and Justin Black on a number of photography workshops. Although I work in the visual effects and graphics industry and digital tools give us the ability to alter images as never before, I truly believe that captured images should speak for themselves without alteration. None of my images are composites. I limit my digital darkroom work to color correction, cropping and sharpening letting the subject and existing light tell the story.  I hope you enjoy the images on this site and my pursuit of "chasing light".

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